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The Businesswoman and Your Appearance Part 3.

Dressing  Up or Dress Down Prospects:

Dress up involves wearing smart and vibrant clothes while dress down involves putting on clothes that are relaxed, casual and informal. Aside from the times when you need to dress for specific places like the beach, gym, or spa, dressing up is almost always a better option. Essentially, if you're unsure, dress appropriately.  Dress Up Results: It makes you more confident, and it's an ultimate mood changer. Your self-esteem and self-confidence rises. Dressing well commands respect. Wear simple plain clothing lines in your most beautiful colors that make you feel good. Buy that great trendy colored bag within your type of color scheme and budget. Wear heels that match your outfit and pamper your skin and body with a homemade wellness treatment on Thursday evening. Can your wardrobe represent you on days of self-expression? If you used everyday clothes, embellish it with special accessories. If you're using the smart casual styles on days of self-expression, dress it down a bit with flats or a cardigan.

Business smart:

Wearing smart business attire at work can increase your effectiveness - it helps to tell your intelligence. You are in a working mode, behave, behave like this, then it will work like that.

Clothing clearly makes a big difference and I still think that a smart suit and formal attire at the office can give you more confidence to present better.

Now look in your wardrobe:

Do you actually wear everything in your closet? Does your wardrobe betray your style signature, and is there structure in your style?

Events: On an event calendar, you may never know what to wear. My first piece of advice is, don't go too challenging. If it's a sporty outing, and you're not sporty at all, then wear the chic sporty trends. Chic evening events give you the chance to rise to the challenge and discover a more elegant side of yourself.

To present yourself: In reality, you should feel as good as you look, also show off your personality in a big way, increase the air of certainty around you. Really dress from the inside out for the occasion. When you're dressed in clothes that suit your personal style and body shape, you exude confidence to your audience. Your body language says, "I am confident in speaking to you today." Make a list of your special outfits that are suitable for presentations.

Looking your best is the way to set the right tone for your event. It will get your audience engaged and more receptive before you say the first words. Think about the product or company you represent, try to find colors that are similar to the product or company.

Chilling after work:

Do you have what it takes to leave behind all the stress and worries of work evenings and weekends? Maybe you have a young family to care for, or need to take care of a relative, your home, be social only to find the hours slip by. You know how to work hard in your workwear, but you also know how to chill in your after-work wear. Feeling free can also make you feel like you don't really care how you present yourself. And that's such a shame because then you're missing out on the world to show your life the other girl you can be too! Do you have dress vibes after work? Create synergy between your wardrobe before work and after work. Can you actually combine the two? If possible, it's a matter of finding beautiful pieces or wearing certain tops with your jeans, or adding another sexy top to your business pants. It's all about completing looks after you went out to buy a new suit, dress, shoes and a matching bag. We'd like you to look beyond to really see the whole new purchase in a full-length mirror and turn around to see how it looks from behind. Walk up to the mirror and from there, and it should then filter through what's missing or what you need to change. How can you profile yourself with the outfit? Does your makeup look as good from a distance as it does up close? Is there a balance between the amount of meat and clothing. Would some contrast in color, scale, or an accessory add panache to the final effect of the outfit?

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