What is Fashion Feng Shui

What is Fashion Feng Shui®:

It is a personalized style system designed using the requirements of Nature's Five Elements from Feng Shui.

FFS helps create the right symmetry in your life to attract perfect Qi. It is an innovative, transformative connection technique inspired by Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement. Your clothes can fulfill and empower you in your daily life by experiencing your authentic self wearing detailed silhouettes, styles, colours and fabrics from these five elements.

How does it work for you:

It means that through a detailed wardrobe plan you will see a more balanced and complete picture of yourself. The tools of FFS can help you find that balance. It also means that if you follow the program of your essence & intentions that you could have, by wearing the specific colors, styles or silhouettes you can make big changes in your life.

It is essential to feel balanced:

This approach to dressing allows you to cover all aspects of yourself: your mind, body and soul. The five elements are present around us and can integrate with perfect harmony and balance. Through the essence test we teach you how to categorize your authentic self. Each element feeds the other element. However, there may be certain times in your life when your goals are related to different elements.

Let me walk you through this:

I teach you to make powerful choices, to support your goals and create more confidence in yourself. My goal is that you can create a sincere expression and a reflex of your personality. Yin and yang are opposites, like light and dark, hot and cold, they need each other to exist. Using the 5 elements with yin and yang can improve your life.

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