Changing your life

Changing your life

It is very difficult for most people to look within. It is a place that can be repressed for years or it is very precious. Remember that there is something special in each of us, something you wouldn't be able to imagine at first glance.

Teach yourself to do a soul search by looking at yourself differently:

o Stop a little longer when you suddenly find yourself in front of a mirror.

o Think about the moments when you learn to see how you really feel about it.

o Be aware of how you react to others.

Make a book list on different topics that you can draw inspiration from;

Sometimes, you can also identify yourself with a character from a book, which will help you find yourself again. For example, you could be awakened by seeing that you have similar characteristics to the main character who shows themselves generously or even very selflessly. Be more aware of how you react in a group to big or small things. That tells you a lot about who you are. Sometimes you see friends copying each other's habits. Then pay attention to who is a copy of the other. When you have a click of recognition with someone, try to find out if it's right. Be more wary; You get a lot more out of other people's conversations than you realize. And when you make yourself convincing, realize that you are very sure of yourself.

But also;

o Be open to friendship

o Never lose confidence in yourself

o You are unique

o Don't let others bring you down

o Exude self-confidence and your environment will love you

o Tell yourself that you are perfect.

Sometimes gaining an inner confidence is very difficult. Repeating positive affirmations daily will help create a better feeling about yourself.

Your clothes already give a communiqué who you are:

o Boring people often wear duller clothes

o Interesting people often wear more interesting clothes

o Loving people often wear romantic clothes

o Colorful people often wear very colorful clothes

o Feeling depressed people often wear darker clothing.

If someone's clothes are a mess, then their whole life is a mess. If they don't respect their clothes, they don't respect themselves and don't see themselves as a valuable person. Then pull yourself together by looking more energetic through the colors you wear; Like it's a statement of who you are. Typically, people who often wear very dark colors are more negative in what their perspectives are. Your clothes can make an important contribution to a healthier and happier life. Clothes represent who you are. We dress 90% of our body. It represents a big part of ourselves and gives a lot of hints about what type of person you are. But also the prejudices others have of you on the way you dress. Clothing also affects the way you feel.

Are you dealing with depressed feelings:

Then wear the colors that represent more love or calmness. Heal your soul by changing the genre of clothing you wear. Each color and dimension of clothing has a special meaning. Every color, print, image of a flower is an embodiment of your inner self. Light is made up of many colors such as a rainbow. Avoid monotonous black, white, or gray when seeking more positive feelings. It is especially light what you need to get better. Look for that light, by using a wake-up light next to you or by indeed undergoing light therapy in the winter. Learn how to choose clothes with more care. Love is made up of many colours.

The way you look at the world around you, working on your social skills, through a positive attitude while maintaining vitality, developing hobbies, learning to eat with etiquette are all positive actions that can change you. Making changes is popular, it helps to create a good impression in relationships with others. It will undoubtedly be the case that people with a pleasant personality and good values and standards can act as a magnet. It will help you in your career and make you stronger, but also more loved.

I don't mean budding ladies and gentlemen, but I do think there is a large group of young people who need etiquette improvement and personality growth. To learn a personae, charm or appearance enhancement you will easily join a more professional development. You will be able to face preparing for the big world after studying with more confidence when you receive advice. Although the process of learning and development never ends in a lifetime, improvement will take place over a longer period of time, but there are also things that you can pick up very quickly.

Possibilities can be;

o Learn about etiquette

o Practice handling communication

o Learn to walk differently

o Dress appropriately

o Colour your life richly

o Learn to be positive about yourself

o See your care as number 1.

o Know what you eat and not just in the first week of January

o Analyze your strengths and weaknesses

o Learn to be happy with yourself

Live more consciously: Unleash your inner self-esteem. Self-esteem is a tricky subject.

Also think about how you can increase your self-esteem. However, that doesn't mean you can just learn to improve your self-esteem. It is terribly difficult to have faith in others if you don't have it in yourself first.

Do you want to become more irresistible:

It should be very simple. Everything it takes to stay true to your true nature and express it in your daily life. But how do you do that? And what does it really mean to pass on your authentic character, which is your real wealth and your greatest gift, to the world around you.

Here are some helpers to find out more on your own;

o Learn more from nature

o Be completely still

o Keep going

o Praise small moments too

o Prefer balance and regularity

o Take a real interest in others.

Giorgio Armani once said, "Clothing is an outward expression of the inner character of a character."

 One way to look at your clothes this way: Then ask yourself if you love your clothes and wear them. Then you also know if there is a commitment. When pieces come up that you don't wear, there's often always a reason for it. Find out what it is.

Also ask yourself;

Who am I--What do I need--What do I really want--What is really important to me?

Moreover, understanding who you are from the inside can not only improve your chances in your studies or work, but it leads to more confidence and success.

What else can you do;

o Write down at least 50 things you would most like to do.

o Set a timer for 30 minutes

o The Sky is the limit, and also think about your dreams

o Or how you can achieve your ultimate job

o Don't be realistic about writing it down.

After about 10 minutes of work in this exercise, you often stop worrying too much about what your specific ideas are. This is how you start an inner creativity that has been locked up. In an attempt to write it down in 30 minutes through your answers or questions, you end up with bizarre things that you probably wouldn't have written down normally. How many of your items would be feasible for you? Study the creation of the list. Did anything come out that you didn't realize, or ever even thought about until you jotted it down in a hurried attempt to get to 50 items?

The point of this exercise is not to create a giant "to-do" list that never gets accomplished. Instead, it's just "open up your mind" and get used to the idea that anything is possible or to loosen up in life where necessary. *Personally, I once wrote that I had a desire to become a successful public speaker. I will now first work on writing blogs with my extensive knowledge.

Advice for her/him;

o Believe in who you are, what you radiate and how you come across to others

o Work on your career and believe in your future

o Always remain committed to your own goals and not someone else's

o Be more aware that you have a lot to be happy about

o Start quickly recognizing your own values, so you know where to stop.

o Believe in your radiance and manifest your way to a better life

o In this way you will eventually really teach yourself to be happier.

o Make the most of what you own.

You often have more ability than you think to heal your life. Therefore, become more aware of your strengths and live according to them.' With the help of positive affirmations, and an inner basis of self-confidence, you can do that.

Manifest your dreams and live your life the way you really want and deserve, with my wish for your success, from Geraldine

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