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The beauty of understanding your child:

How you can help your children grow up and understand their innate selves.

He who knows patience knows peace" - Chinese proverb.

It is every parent's dream to give their children the best they can, loving, nurturing and raising them to be the adults they hope for.

But often they seem from another planet and are difficult to get through, it can start at a young age, when your life is busiest and the express train goes on day in and day out. You wake up, take a shower and get dressed and start a new day.

And your kids:

Your kids don't always react the way you expect because of their character or personality.

Thus, the different characters and personalities of your children can as well affect your parenting success. In children we can recognize special traits in characteristics from the age of three. Understanding how to recognize your child's characteristics will be a great eye-opener for you on how to deal with the way he/she behaves, socializes and finds happiness.

Children at a young age often have clear energies that we can discover.

Little kids react to coloUr in their own little way. If a child loves a teddy bear, he or she may grow up feeling that brown is a warm, comforting colour. Young children enjoy playing with mud, sand and water and may have fantasies about materials that adults would throw away. With this in mind, it makes adults believe that children don't feel and see colour the way they do.

But it is different, because children also have feelings with colours. Making them understand how to use the power of colours means that they become aware of the resources given by nature.

Colour can play an important role in creating their environment. It sets moods and it will bring sunshine to their youth. Children are unconsciously receptive to colours. Children like bright colours more than dark ones. They are more attracted to bright colours, but this often changes as they get older. Many children under 10 like red, yellow or pink the most, but above 10 they seem to prefer blue or black.

Most ike pink, lavender or violet and little boys seem to appreciate the darker colours better for their outfits and bedroom, but can of course also have their own colour preference.


We all need energy and children need a lot of energy to play, learn and grow, to feel happy and healthy.

Energy Vibrates: Observe road vibrations on hot days. Colour has energy and children can use it to feel more energetic. Our lives are largely determined by external factors and circumstances. From our earliest childhood we absorb the values and traditions of our immediate family and immediate environment. As we grow and develop, we gain a sense of individuality, but our place in the world is often shaped by the influences of our surrounding, our personality and development. We are all born with a unique gift for our lives. This is our authentic self, meant to help us with our gifts and talents to the world.

Contact me if you want to learn more about who your child /children are from the inside, so that you can show them their way in their lives, which makes you even happier supporting them.

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