Manifesting your Intentions


Feng Shui really involves more than just moving furniture or hanging a wind chime. Feng Shui is often described as both an art and a science. This is increased by adding an intention to it. Our thoughts are very powerful. The power of intention is integral to our ability to achieve goals. Intention is behind everything we achieve, good or not so good. Adjusting a conscious intention on Feng Shui applications will only increase the effectiveness.

Intention and environment:

In Feng Shui it speaks that the energy of our house is an expression of ourselves. It contains all our hopes, dreams, fears and ideas. When you make adjustments, new situations can arise that support your wishes and goals. This metamorphosis can also serve to transform you from the inside out. It is essential to be clear about your intentions, make a wish list and then choose an item. Like, e.g. that you want to achieve a certain goal, or remedy an unpleasant situation. Answers to any of these questions can define your intent.

The empowerment process:

Once you have determined your intent that you will use, the Feng Shui adjustments are most powerful when you make an emotional commitment to the process. In Feng Shui, you can expect that thoughtful, conscious adjustment will yield positive results.

Step one:

The Feng Shui Adjustment: Turn your wish or intention into something concrete - the Feng Shui Adjustment. Adjustments don't have to be complicated. Placing a crystal, clearing a drawer or hanging a painting is sometimes enough. Try to use items you already have and stick to the adjustments. You don't necessarily have to go out to get more stuff.


What is essence. Your authentic self. Hindus call it Atman, Christians call it your soul, Buddhists call it your consciousness. There are many definitions of essences. Essence manifests itself in different qualities. Such as balance, love, compassion and clarity. The presence of an essential quality has its own feel, texture. Essential energy is the foundation; but intentions cause changes in habits in something that has crept in for years. It is fundamental to see things that bring joy. A beautiful sunset beautiful music, smiling children. No one teaches you to love these things; yet appreciating all that beauty is innate.

Next step, be grateful:

This is the hardest part, but rephrase your intention as if you received your intention. How does this make you feel? Celebrate your breakthrough, because kindness is key. Finally, be kind to yourself. A shaky self-esteem often shows up at this point. Just let go of the why-me self-talk.

See you, with greetings from Geraldine



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