La Dolce Vita

La dolce vita:

Are we doing it wrong, chasing the good life and focusing on new goals and resolutions? Maybe you also had all kinds of resolutions for this year.

How much of that is left? In short: what to do in our quest for the good life, and what should we do to find happiness and satisfaction in this time of stress and unrest.

How you start something is how you do business.

Discovering yourself, towards a more powerful self-image.?  Transforming more through your intentions. Allow thoughts that make you happy. What does it mean when you are in your authentic self: Essence refers to your authentic self and your action in your day to day life. It is the lens through which you look at the world.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Reconnect with yourself first: When you are busy, you often experience little time for yourself. Of course you need more relaxation and rest, but you probably think you don't have time for that. As a result of which you develop more and more feelings of unrest, overstimulation, tension, dissatisfaction and uncertainty in your life.How do you do that, connecting with yourself? It may be that your focus is elsewhere, so that you experience little connection with yourself. You can look at what stands in your way to feel completely happy again.                 

Do you still recognize yourself

When you check again what is on your mind, much more is actually happening to you than you could imagine at first. First of all, recognize yourself by your archetype that lies within you. Do you face real surprises, disappointments, or sadness, nostalgia. Or to the fact that you can no longer be yourself…………

Through the eyes of the five Elements:

What matters is that clothing translates, enhances or reflects your innate essence. Observe if your life is dominated by 1 element. The result is a life that becomes unbalanced. The same can happen when you only focus on 1 kind of style mantra that hinders yourself in future challenges. Many people are absorbed by everyday life, work, family, relatives and friends. For example, it is often very difficult for families to make time for themselves. Yet daydreaming about a beautiful white beach, beautiful nature, delicious smells and tastes, beautiful sounds and pleasant textures is not impossible. Intentions then come naturally and you can make a basis with them in reality.

What is Essence.

There are many definitions of essences. Essence manifests itself in different qualities. Such as balance, love, compassion and clarity. The presence of each essential quality has its own feel, texture. Essential energy is the foundation; but intentions cause changes in habits in something that has crept in for years. It is fundamental to see things that bring joy. A beautiful sunset, beautiful music, smiling children. No one teaches you to love these things; yet appreciating all that beauty is innate.

Reveal Essence:

Once you know your essence, it explains many of your mysterious actions and desires. Essence is a profound word: the engine that drives our soul. Essence transcends each of our stories and follows us no matter what forms we take.

Think about how you do anything and everything:

These are the lenses according to the five Elements:

  WATER LENS……………….. Distinctive

  WOOD LENS………………....Hastily

  FIRE LENS…………. ...........Passionate

  EARTH LENS ……………… ,Responsible

  METAL LENS …………….. ..Perfection

If you want to learn more about the five Elements, ask your question to Geraldine at

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