The 2023 Fall & Feng Shui.

Autumn each year is associated with the Metal element. This season represents the harvest and the beginning of a natural decline as winter approaches.

The changes of the Autumn season create a shift in energy. It is a different sense we can feel, see, smell, and touch. In Autumn, our Yang energy calms down and our Qi is more Yin in nature. It is also time to reflect again, while gathering our energy, and to slow down a bit. The Element of Metal regulates the season of Autumn. Metal energy, is associated with communicating, creativity and inspiration.

During fall we can see an abundance of colour appearing in nature.

And when think about fall, we associate this season with the warm colours seen through the falling leaves. The beauty of this season is unlike any other, so bringing those colours into your home decor can inspire a lot.

Feng Shui focuses on creating harmony and balance in the environment to improve our quality of life. The Five Elements are a fundamental concept in Feng Shui. Each element Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, represents a specific energy and has its own unique quality. 

The practice of Feng Shui can promote mindfulness, a balanced living environment, and a greater sense of connection.

The Characteristics Of The Metal Element

Since the goal in Feng Shui is to bring our interior space into balance with the natural world around us, it is important to balance the Metal element this season.

Metal energy is very powerful, the person with a lot of Metal energy searches for quality and perfection. Therefore, make sure to choose well with new purchases, that can last, as buying less is also on your agenda as an Metal person.

Practicing Feng Shui and working with the Five Elements encourages you to be more mindful of your surroundings and how they affect your life. This heightened awareness can lead to more intentional choices and positive changes.

Looking at our personality from a Feng Shui, and Five Elements, perspective provides insight that goes beyond our daily challenges. It is like a metaphysical personality test that gives us a lens, through which we can understand our personal Qi. You can use the knowledge of Feng Shui when creating a comfortable environment, or to help you feel happier from within through the clothes and accessories you have chosen. This will give you a deeper understanding of how colour, space, and function can support not only your energy, but that of others as well.

I love to teach you the intriguing knowledge with pleasure and if you like to meet me before you choose the training or consulting suited for you, we can arrange an meeting. With kind regards from Geraldine

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