The endless jacket

The Boundless Jacket ~ Blazer ~ Suit Jacket:

They come in a variety of colors, fabrics and designs.

The versatile jacket can be worn as a suit/costume with a shirt, polo, jeans or chinos. Or as a business look for women with a dress/skirt, but also in a trend look as a monochromatic suit. The jackets are available in all kinds of colors, fabrics and prints.

How to choose the type of jacket:

Choose a nice wool jacket made of quality wool, such as merino, and then wear it with dark-colored jeans or with corduroy pants for a timeless look.

In the summer, wear a linen blazer in a brighter color, a color that suits you.

Wear a tweed blazer if you want to look more formal.

You can choose a velvet blazer for casual and festive, changing the style by what you wear underneath.

With a double breasted your look often looks a bit dated.

The styling will determine whether you will look like the star of the evening, or whether it will remain an office look. By styling off I mean whether you add a shawl/pocket/brooch, or style the whole thing more festively by wearing stylish shoes.

Many questions you can think of when purchasing and what to look out for:

With a good jacket you have a fantastic base. And although they often look alike, there is a real difference between a blazer for men and a jacket or suit jacket. The differences lie between style, fabric, texture, buttons and color. There are jackets with a stretch, but also with a straight silhouette, and we see a lot of four-button jackets. Especially in an oversized jacket. There are also many choices in leather or tweed. For the ladies you often see a difference in lengths. Width, color and fabric and silhouette.

The trend of recent years:

New classic


Contemporary tweed

Brown leather jackets

And the suit or jackets with /skirt or trousers.

Informal or sophisticated for the man:

A blazer is the most casual jacket and is of course very suitable to wear with jeans or trousers. A blazer is often associated with a polo in the sports world. There we often see blazer jackets with functional pockets, logos and striking buttons. When a jacket is made of a finer fabric with a stretch, the fabric falls more smoothly and comfortably, which is wonderful to wear. We are also seeing more and more color in suits and jackets. And what about the somewhat cool jackets with patch pockets or made of a cotton/wool mix.

Lasting appearance and what can it be worn with:

For the man:

Leather blazers

Sports blazer

Tweed Jackets

Linen summer blazer.

For the woman:

An oversized jacket can be worn very well with a mini or midi dress.

A crop top looks great with high-waisted trousers or trendy dungarees.

A monochromatic whole is also a great combination with an oversized blazer.

Yet a blazer with the same or slightly different color pants / dress gives a somewhat boring effect than a jacket with contrasting color pants or with a dark color Jean. It's bolder and more expressive. But that also depends on your silhouette and color characteristic.

The effect is also quite different with a blazer in a pattern with plain trousers/skirt, or Anderson. This can make it difficult to choose and how can you make a choice easier. The advantages of blazers include that it suits every occasion. Match it with different combinations from your wardrobe, making the item more versatile.

For the man:

Also buy jackets to wear during spring/summer/early fall. Then choose one with nice trousers for a festive or business occasion and a casual jacket that can be worn in combination with jeans or sporty trousers. Or combine an elegant jacket with a jean or chino and you have a great combination. The shape also matters. When you buy a double breasted jacket, it can only be worn closed, which in turn looks more chic/dressed. A dress combination becomes even more elegant by adding a Swiss cotton shirt with a double cuff worn with cufflinks. What to do when purchasing online or in a store:

First of all, look at the color and whether combinations can be made with what is still in reasonable condition. Then for which season you will wear it. Then you also know which fabrics are suitable. Or choose something new to be sure. Choosing color in clothing is a separate story. But it's important that it's right and feels good. Sometimes screaming colors are very nice together as chinos and jackets for men, but we also see beautiful suits for women in bright colors. When you don't dare to wear that; then make it more neutral and depending on whether you want chic or casual.

Fabrics and jacket unisex:

The fabrics will also give different effects and whether it will be more sustainable or a one-year purchase. Wool wears very nicely, but will be more expensive to purchase. Which makes the jacket look a bit more classic. A cotton or linen jacket is nice to wear in the summer, but it also gives a fairly casual effect. There are of course also combinations in the fabrics, such as cotton/linen or with wool/linen. There are also full linen jackets, but they wrinkle quickly and are suitable for the tropics. Sometimes a mix of a synthetic fiber and linen is available and is certainly recommended. The buttons will have the same effect as the fabric and design.

For the man:

Classic jackets in dark blue sometimes have gold buttons.

The classic dark blue jacket also often has a button on the lapel that is repeated in the cuffs in color or material. This jacket often has slits on both sides for a comfortable fit.


A dilemma can be to purchase a print jacket in a checkered or striped design. The effects will also leave a mark with this. When a striped jacket is purchased, it often looks a bit sportier and a diamond gives a somewhat more classic image.

A print also gives a widening or narrowing effect, but that again has to do with what type of silhouette you have. It's your own choice, but it would be nice if this explanation makes it easier for you to choose.

Good luck from Geraldine, and if you want online advice, get in touch at my email:

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