Who are you and what do you radiate?
27 maart 2023 

Who are you and what do you radiate?

Business woman, who do you radiate part 1.

How do you get closer to your unique personal style, in your workplace and beyond? So much so that, even starting with more confidence, when you step out the front door you feel great knowing that you look fantastic for another day of hard work! The information I share is designed especially for you. It will be relevant if you have very little knowledge about how to match your clothes and accessories or if you just want to push yourself to another level of certainty. This is a journey of feeling inner confidence and starting to trust your own looks to be taken more seriously in the men's world around you on a daily basis. I wish you good luck with that. My wish for you is: To experience a fantastic Style – every day of the year.

What's it about:

Wearing clothes, which are an extension of yourself, is both your power and your freedom. If you are authentic, this is the place that allows you to truly express yourself, find your special place in this world, and give meaning to your life. Following others will never give you this satisfaction.

I want you to look at yourself differently:

How did you style yourself 5 years ago, and did you feel good in those clothes. What is left of that today or would you say your image is more up to date and presentable for your job today. And are your clothes ready to take you into your future?

Who are you?

Look more often in a full-length mirror:

What impression do you think you're making. Does your appearance match the job you work in? Are the designs in your closet elaborate enough to get you through the week. Is your clothing style the right one for your job? Are the fabrics suitable for the season you are in? Is your appearance up-to-date to project the right image for your work?

Consider it:

I really think all women need positive feedback on how they view themselves at work. Maybe you want to stand out and count every day by showing the best side of your personality through how you present yourself at the office. Good of you, but sometimes we have to camouflage, don't we? Feel the change in yourself when you try something new. Or is one of your most difficult challenges to update your existing wardrobe every new trend season?

Why do you think that is? What are your biggest problems updating your wardrobe every new season? Could you update your wardrobe with less effort.

The best is the best:

Given the intimate relationship between you and your clothes, it is very important that you love the clothes you wear. I am sure that when you find the clothes you own pleasant and beautiful, it is easier to take care of them. If you don't like what you're wearing, it could be because of the fabrics, a certain line or the proportion of the design. Overall, wearing your clothes should make you feel great and show off your best in your workplace. Do you get the best out of the combinations you wear?

New looks:

Others may have told you how easy it is to look presentable at the office every day. How do you experience this? Start by creating your own corporate mood board in current trends. Then think about how you want to present yourself on a daily basis.

Do you project a smart, intelligent, competent, organized image?

Learn more about this in my next Blog, good luck from Geraldine.

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