Develop your talents through Feng Shui and the Five Elements principles. It offers solutions to real-life situations. It is like unlocking a new self-value and

self-worth that gives you insight into 

your personal QUALITIES and Qi. 

Each Element PRESENTS your uniqueness & qualities, your characteristics.

The list in which Feng Shui cures can be applied is endless. Use this informative knowledge to create a supportive life for yourself, as well for your CLIENTS.

My training is based

on the ancient Chinese art of placement.

It will be an experience to feel more balanced. The Five Elements can be used for remedies, like weakness or IMBALANCES. This awareness can lead to positive changes.

Welcome to my 'Lifestyle Training Courses.

My strength and passion are my knowledge about Feng Shui and the five elemental energies and Nine-Star-Ki. This allows me to help you to get more out of YOUR INNATE PASSION, through recognition and realization of your talents that are often undiscovered or never developed. I will also guide you on how you can learn to live a happier and more fulfilled life with the beautiful knowledge of the elemental energies. Living your best life involves taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's important to prioritize self-care, set goals, and surround yourself with positive influences. Remember to practice gratitude, stay true to yourself, and seek out new experiences. By focusing on personal growth and happiness, you can truly live not only your own best life, as well, you get all details on coaching others.

Unlock your secrets to harmony and abundance, as well, help others with it:

*Learn and discover your personal Nine Star ki Archetype and deepen your


*Become an NINE STAR KI Coach and help your clients with unlocking their

 qualities and enhancing relationships. Unlock your secrets to harmony and

 abundance, as well, help others with it.

*Learn with me the beautiful training on Feng Shui & Colour

*Deepen your knowledge on Soul Styling, which is an in-depth Training

*Discover Face Reading & learn this amazing knowledge 1 & 2 with me

*Deepen your Image knowledge with the official Fashion Feng Shui©online


*Start your journey to a more balanced and fulfilling life today.

Feng Shui & Colour

Learn how to read characteristics of your clients, and how to give all personality types the right advice that will benefit them in their lives.

An energy-rich knowledge that will enable you to give wonderful coaching

The right or wrong choice of colour can have a huge impact on our mood and how balanced we will feel. Feng shui takes the use of colour to the next level, with each colour bringing the desired feng shui energies to create harmony and balance. 

For more information email me.

after having booked this course, by email, I will forward you all the information, and a Paypal invoice. 

Soul Stylist Training

When we feel stressed or overwhelmed, using soul styling can restore balance and harmony into our lives. If you've ever felt that your appearance didn't make you feel the way you expected, you had no idea where this restlessness came from. The purpose of soul styling is to restore balance and harmony in our lives.

Learn how to manifest opinions through the personality traits of people, so that you teach your clientele to become happier in who they are and how they can present themselves better.

 For more information email me.


Face Reading 1 & 2

Face Reading is an ancient art of analyzing someone's character based on their facial features. Every part of our face has a psychological meaning. It is therefore an essential skill for people working in the field of personality development. Our faces represent an emblem of expressions, emotions and senses. It is like the gateway to our inner self. Manifest magic for others with this interesting knowledge. Learn all the features of the different face shapes.

Chinese Physiognomy: 

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Fashion Feng Shui©, & Nine Star Ki & elemental energy is wonderful knowledge that you can apply daily to reveal the personality traits of your clientele.

Join our lifestyle training courses to improve your daily habits and happiness."

  • By recognizing your inner child again.
  • By living a balanced life in an unbalanced world.
  • By feeling happier and content.
  • Start your challenge and find your balance.

'Welcome to my online Lifestyle Training Courses'

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Fashion feng shui®


14 weeks Webinar guided training with Master Trainer Geraldine Wijsbeek
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WHY Fashion feng shui®

Fashion Feng Shui® encourages You to visually affirm your Intentions in your personal and professional environment to create it in your life.

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WHAT CAN YOU ACHIEVE WITH Fashion feng shui®

Fashion Feng shui® helps with creating balance in your life

to attract good Qi. It is an innovative, transformational technique.

This valuable knowledge gives you tools that you can use to recognize your personality traits. With it, you gain insight into how to bring out your strengths and become more pleased with yourself.

Purchase this book, to orientate, whether my training is suitable for you.


Contact Geraldine to order via:

Your Feng Shui personality is one of the 5 archetypes related to the 5 elements: Water - Wood - Fire - Earth - Metal. With the help of Feng Shui, you can create more success in your career and private life.

Purchase this book, to orientate, whether my training is suitable for you.


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The official Fashion Feng Shui© Training, with Geraldine Wijsbeek Master ffs

Welcome to the platform of Fashion Feng Shui© The Netherlands, where we would like to inspire you to integrate Fashion Feng Shui© into your life. By dressing who you really are, there will be room to live more authentically. As well,  you get tools to help with the dreams and goals of yourself & others.

Contact me if you want to know more about this extensive Online training, and I would like to explain the curriculum to you via a Zoom conversation.


Geraldine is highly motivated to make you Fashion feng shui© stylist- facilitator.

I work according to the official FFS© curriculum/training in English and Dutch.

Contact Geraldine for more information on Fashion Feng Shui© 


Links to order of the booklet about FFS for Men:

In this Training you learn how to empower your life as well, that of others. Allocating this STRENGTH of Possibilities will help to expand and enhance your life in many ways.


learn this innovative method and help others to change their lives:

You work with the Fashion Feng Shui © method, which are the personality traits & characteristics of the different types, so that you teach your customers to become happier in who they are and how they will be able presenting their authentic-self in their private as well professional lives.

Personality CHARACTERISTICS Enhances understanding yourself and others:

You will change in the way you see yourself as well, it will make others react differently. Identify your most authentic personal style, making it easier to choose what suits from inside out. As well, using the innovative method, will help others to become a lot happier with themselves.

ELEMENTAL ENERGY ENRICHes you in your own and in others SELF-KNOWLEDGE:

Manifest not only, the life of your own dreams, as well, as for those who see how you have reached your plans.

Teach your customers how to express who they are from the inside out. Giving everyone a personal style, which belongs to them and your customers will embrace what suits them.


Follow my accredited FFS education via Zoom, and become an expert in Fashion Feng Shui ©

Duration of the Online Training 4 months.

Payment spreaded over 4 months.

After having booked this course by Email, I will forward you all the information  on the cost, as well the overview of the training, and a PayPal invoice.

Contact Geraldine via:

Or make directly an appointment for us to meet via a Zoom, so that I can explain everything to you, about this Innovative FFS training.

Create a strengthening self-image with this Feng Shui knowledge.

Enrich yourself with a content feeling, because you help others.

Use the richness of your inner truth and inner strength