Discover Nine Star Ki for your personal and professional transformation


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What will you learn with this Nine Star Ki Training.

Discover all personality traits. When you realise your inner qualities, it helps you to step out of that self-criticism, self-judgment, self-blame. Because, there is a reason why you are the way you are.

Uncover your innate powers & upgrade your life.

This NSK test initially says something about how you could deal with different situations, where your powers are hidden, and how to work with your talents & qualities. It's based on how life works.

Self-expression refers to thoughts and feelings.

The combination of elements and how they relate to each other gives you insight into why you don't achieve what you hope for. It also helps to notice why others behave the way they do.

What to expect from this NSK training:

The Master Plan of the Five Elements, the foundation on which Nine Star Ki is based.

The Nine Cycles of the Years for each number explained.

Examples of consultations done by me.

Presentations you can work with in Keynote or PowerPoint.

Balance and Harmony:

The Five Elements represent the cyclical and interactive nature of energy in the universe. Balancing these elements in your personal attire & environment creates a more harmonious and balanced life, which can have a positive impact on your well-being.

According to Chinese Medicine teachings, everyone has a unique blend of the Five Elements within them. This mix represents your typical characteristics in who you are, and also who you could be. When you have more knowledge about your qualities, gifts and challenges, these will be developed more from within yourself.

 Self-expression allows you to be authentic, while you show your unique self. Self-expression fosters connection and belonging. Self-expression provides a platform to connect, supporting others, and building meaningful relationships. 

It empowers you and facilitates self-discovery and personal growth, resulting to  better understanding yourself and your place in the world. By sharing your  experiences and perspectives, you will be able to find like-minded friendships who resonate with your ideas & emotions.  

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Each of us goes through life stages.

Everyone marvels at love, careers, money and friendship in their own unique way.
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The Five Elements and their phases.

The five Elements show how all phases of health, nutrition, exercise & emotions are connected to nature.

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Learn this beautiful Nine Star Ki philosophy with me.

This program introduces you to a new way of thinking about these life questions.


The Training of Nine Star Ki

There is a reason why you are the way you are.

It's purposeful, it's beautiful.

Nine Star Ki is a simple yet profound system that helps us understand ourselves and our relationships with others by getting in touch with our inherent potential.

Then this is the most complete Nine Star Ki Training you will encounter online.

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Start with my Nine Star Ki Training and you will be able to not only help yourself but as well many others.