Personal branding while rediscovering yourself

Everyone has their own style in living, working and dressing. Sometimes we

are so busy surviving that we lose sight of our own dreams, ideals and goals.

Does your Image correspond to the real you and the goals you pursue, or do

you broadcast something that you actually are not or do not want to be.

Clothing, non-verbal communication and colours send a message.

We are not always consciously aware of this.

However, it can help us to achieve our goals and ideals. Learn to rediscover

yourself with the support of the Five Elements.

About Geraldine

About Geraldine

Living in ten different countries for more than 30 years opened my knowledge and awareness of people's

culture and their clothing styles. I have learned to recognize the characteristics and desires of the different cultures.

I have been a Fipi member for more than 25 years and an audited training institute in Image and

registered with the federation of Image professionals -fipi. I have also been the accreditation director, and

president of the federation. Currently I am a general board member.

Fashion feng shui has given me the tools to discover people's special talents, which is really my passion. I

have spent the past 15+ years studying Chinese Physiognomy, an ancient wisdom from China that allows

me to analyze important aspects of personality traits and characters. It is based on the principles of

Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is often described as acupuncture for the mind, not to diagnose physical

health, but to read the design of your inner mind and show you the way to authentic happiness in life.

I have been a Fashion Feng Shui Master for many years and can train you to become an FFS Facilitator.        After I received many request to teach what I'm passionate about, I thought to challenge myself setting

up all my new training. It is with an pride and pleasure to offer my new training and consulting.                      I work with colour in an innovative way. This knowledge allows me to recognize and represent the inner

beauty and desires of people.

Contact me to discuss what suits your budget and wishes.