Colour & Feng Shui:

My life has always been affected by colour. Am also sure, the selection of our favourite colour/s, have a lot to do with personal preference and balance. If we choose colours that resonate with us, it enables us to create a pleasant and harmonious ambiance in our surroundings. As well I am convinced, a balanced use of colours in our appearance is essential for our well-being.

Co-ordinate your inner self with your appearances, while becoming thrilled with the way you look.

Learn to express not only yourself with your colours, as well as teaching others how to choose their colours, to reflect with their inner self.

Soul Styling:

Ultimately, as well, the styles that resonate with you will depend on your personal experiences and cultural background.
Your choice of colour & style promotes a deeper sense of self-awareness, leading to a greater inner harmony, while it is able to affect us emotionally, brings back memories, and we all realize the benefits of its practical and functional purposes. 

As well, colour vibration can vary from person to person.

Face Reading:

Explore growth possibilities of many different personalities, in career or business. Recognizing barriers and creating change for your clients, as well for yourself. Discover more out of life and recognise immediate  characteristics of the people you meet. Learn a way of entering an authentic self-awareness, and understanding others. Enriching self-knowledge, growth-capacity, talents and potentials, not only of yourself, as well of your future clients.


Feng shui is a traditional Chinese practice that focuses on creating a harmonious and balanced environment

to promote a good energy flow. 

If you are interested in Colours & Soul dressing, this is your next step, but first~

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  • It is more affordable compared to traditional classroom-based training.

  • It eliminates geographical barriers, making it accessible.

  • It allows you to study from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

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The secrets of colours & Feng Shui

Learn about the symbolism of colours and Feng shui.

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The ins & outs of Soul Styling

Learn to liberate qualities & inner power of your clients.

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The Face Reading know-How

Recognize growth-capacity, talents and potentials.

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